I never thought I liked spring before. I always remember it as gross and wet and muddy, but right now, I’m realizing that every year I realize the same thing- I like the spring. A lot. I always think I love winter until spring comes, and then it feels so good to be able to just walk out side without a coat on. I like having the option of doing something outside other than sledding or something that is defined by the presence of snow on the ground.

As soon as spring comes, I also realize how relaxing driving can be. I have been driving in the snow and ice for years, but my heart still drops every time I swerve a little bit or I don’t stop just when I want to. In the winter, I can hardly imagine how some people think it is relaxing to drive. Right now, I am just THINKING about driving with the windows open and I’m feeling a bit more relaxed.

I love the smell of spring. When everything is damp, but there aren’t a bunch of worms all over the sidewalk. I like wearing whatever shoes I want. And the option of not wearing a cardigan or sweatshirt. And soon I will start to consider the option of wearing shorts, which will make option of shaving no longer an option… so I may hold off on that for a while. I like being able to walk without my hands in my pockets. It’s a weird thing to think about, but I don’t wear gloves, so my arms are never free to swing in the winter. I think my favorite thing about spring right now is that everything is so new that I can’t help but smile. And I’m no smiler. I’m not one of those people who smiles while walking to class alone… Unless it is the beginning of spring. Every time I see a squirrel I want to hug it so much. I think I saw 2 squirrels in the last 3 months. That will not do. Yesterday I stopped on the sidewalk just so that I wouldn’t scare a squirrel up a tree. I wanted it to stay on the ground so I could just watch it. I stood there for a while. A while…

One last thing I realized I like about the spring is that people rediscover the novelty of eating outside. I love eating outside when the conditions are right. Plus, food that is made for eating outside always seems fresher to me somehow. It’s probably because my brain knows that vegetables are not supposed to be readily available in Indiana in January. Whatever the reason for it, I welcome these veggies. I welcome them with open arms.

I like spring. I will forget I ever had this revelation in about 3 months just like I do every year.


~ by Meredith Joanna on February 18, 2011.

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